From the scene of the accident to the final inspection, we're here for you every step of the way.

If you are involved in an accident...

1. Stop at once. Report the accident to the nearest police station.

2. See if anyone is injured. If injuries appear serious, call an ambulance. If you are hurt, seek treatment promptly. 

3. Write a complete description of the accident as soon as possible. 

4. Submit required accident reports to the proper authorities. 

5. Because you may arrange to take your damaged vehicle to the shop of your choice, call us to get your car towed to our facility. 


Let us help you notify your insurance company, file the claim and arrange the inspection. It is your legal right to not only have your vehicle fixed at the shop of your choice, but also seen for the insurance estimate wherever you choose. Despite the insurance company's preference, you can insist on having your vehicle inspected wherever you feel most comfortable and it is always our recommendation to have the insurance appraiser see the vehicle at the body shop that will be completing the repairs.